Are you ready to get acquainted with the fascinating and dynamic hospitality industry? Maybe now you feel like Alice in Wonderland, just getting ready to open a new world. You can believe us – the acquaintance will be interesting and full of surprises, because we tried to show the industry brightly and in many ways.

Here is a set of articles prepared by the Hospitality Industry Association of Ukraine. This is an introduction to the modern hospitality industry. You will learn what a saute chef does in a gourmet restaurant and how to become a hotel manager, get acquainted with business models of hospitality companies and specialties of our industry. You will also get an idea of ​​which specialists are most in demand at the moment and what needs to be done to repeat their success story.

These publications are intended as a source of inspiration for a closer acquaintance with our industry. Do not hesitate to delve into the issues of interest to you, look for additional information on the Internet and literature, seek advice from familiar professionals – the hospitality industry appreciates initiative. Welcome!


Hotels and restaurants, mansions, castles, health resorts and cruise ships, delicious food, heartbreaking scenery, and exciting entertainment – all these are the everyday hospitality industry! From now on you are a part of this fascinating world and it only depends on you whether your dreams will become a reality, because in the hospitality industry everything is possible!

The hospitality industry accounts for 9% of world GDP.

Every 11th inhabitant of the Earth is employed in the industry. The industry employs more than one hundred and twenty million people worldwide. In Ukraine, about a million jobs have been created by the Hospitality Industry. More than half of the employees are under 35 years old. 71% of employees work full time. 58% of those employed in the industry are women. For 25% of Ukrainians, the restaurant and hotel business has become the first job.

The hospitality industry is one of the leading sectors of the world economy. The number of people with high wealth and above-average wealth is growing. These people are willing to invest in quality recreation – which is why the hospitality industry is developing rapidly. Every year the number of international tourists increases by 3.3% and by 2030 will reach an incredible mark of 1.8 billion. Over 74 million new jobs will appear in the industry in the next decade!

The European Union currently employs 1.9 million people in 1.9 million hospitality companies.


The hospitality industry partially intersects with the tourism industry, but their tasks coincide in full. The hospitality industry directly receives guests and provides them with service, offering the following services:

Accommodation of tourists – the main service provided by hotels and hostels. The standard equipment of the hotel room includes: bed, wardrobe, TV, chair, mirror, lamps, mini-bar, bath and toilet.

Meals – the main service provided by restaurants, bars, but also provided by hotels and other businesses. The menu depends on the specifics of the institution – it can be seasonal or permanent.

Bars, nightclubs and cafes specialize in drinks. Drinks are divided into: soft drinks (Soft Drinks), such as juices and lemonades; alcoholic beverages, such as wines and cocktails; hot drinks (Hot Beverages), such as coffee and tea.

The organization of various events and conferences and entertainment – a service that is in demand by both individuals and NGOs. It is provided by hotels and exhibition centers that have facilities that can accommodate a large number of people.

Rehabilitation, including spa treatment and rehabilitation, is also a service provided by the hospitality industry.

These services are provided by the industry in cooperation with other industries. For example, the task of the transport industry is to deliver customers to their destination. Thanks to cooperation with the banking sector, the hospitality industry is constantly evolving – companies can expand their activities using loans. Telecommunications and information technology (IT) firms offer products and services that improve the performance of hospitality businesses, making it more efficient. The energy and utilities sector ensures that light, heat and water are available in hotels and restaurants, and that the resources used are recycled and disposed of in accordance with environmental protection requirements. Most enterprises in the industry are small and medium enterprises. 92% of firms employ less than 10 people and only 1% of firms provide 50 or more jobs.

You can find out which higher education institutions of Ukraine train specialists in the fields of “Tourism”, “Tourism Studies” and “International Tourism” by following the link.


Let’s develop tourism in Ukraine together with us! We will improve the quality of tourist services and disseminate information about the tourist potential of Ukraine.